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My name is Melissa Morinello. Welcome to Sparkle Marketing and Events!
Born and raised in Western New York, I grew up in a traditional Italian household where family, food, and hard work was highly valued!  Our family gatherings were always large, masterfully executed events.

The decor, menu and the comfort of those visiting our home were always paramount. Raised by with a father who had an appreciation for detail in his daily work as an attorney and a mother who projected creativity in all aspects of her life as an interior designer, I learned a lot about life -and about celebrating it!

Today as a wife and mother, I’ve taken that childlike love of celebration and paired it with my own motherly appreciation for those special milestones and memories we are graced within our personal and professional lives.  I’ve built my business client by client, providing great communication, attention to detail and flawless execution because I know how much trust has been placed in me. It’s that trust that has allowed me the privilege of creating and hosting some of the area’s best individual, corporate and commercial events.

My work is fulfilling and rewarding to me both personally and professonally. By helping my clients create wonderful lasting memories or to grow and strengthen their business or brand efforts, I’m showing my daughters that women can be great mothers, successful business owners and strong contributors in the community- all at the same time!

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you to achieve your vision and create a lasting impression.

Let’s make it sparkle!


Chief Creative Officer



“Melissa was amazing and totally on top of every detail.  We were actually able to enjoy the wedding and not worry.” 

Jane Mogavero & Peter Herman

"SPARKLE! Marketing & Events is a global, professional events and marketing practice dedicated to expertly creating, visioning, planning and implementing... Melissa and staff conduct themselves with respect for deadlines, collaboration, local leaders, the media, cultural diversity, the humanities and they embody the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism in hospitality"  

Sarah Gelman Carney

"As a very busy professional, it is often impossible to find the time to organize special events, whether they be fundraisers, events or parties. I have had the opportunity to work with Sparkle Marketing & Events to assist me with multiple events. Sparkle is very well organized, responsive, and reasonable. Each time I have had the benefit of working with Sparkle, they have truly exceeded my expectations! I will continue to work with Sparkle for all of my marketing and event planning. I strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for assistance with marketing and event planning."   

Jason J. Cafarella, PC Attorney at Law



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